The Anxiety Shop is a store that sells products made by local artists, designers, and creatives of all types. Our mission is to spark conversations about mental health in a fun and creative way. We want to acknowledge that experiencing difficult thoughts and feelings is a very normal part of being human. We believe there is power in this acknowledgement and all our product can help you feel empowered.

There are artworks, apparel, greeting cards, magazines, mugs, tea towels and an ever expanding product range. All the products are a reminder that you are not alone in your experiences. Sometimes it is easier to each out to someone with a humorous product than directly ask them about their mental health. Sometimes a little totem you can carry with you can help you get through a tough day. Sometimes you just need a little a laugh- it is so helpful to see your experiences being reflected back at you.

There are also creative projects, programs and workshops that will extend the conversation and foster community. So let’s talk. Come into the store (we’ve got some comfortable arm chairs) and say hello or drop us a line.